How to get rid of blackheads in several steps

How to get rid of blackheads in several stepsIn most cases, cosmetics defects appear in a so called T-zone, which includes a nose, a forehead and a chin. Itʼs connected with numerous oil glands, located in this very area. If you’ve observed a sudden appearance of blackheads, turn attention to your daily ration and consumed food products.

In fact, a cause of blackheads appearance may lie in gastrointestinal tract dysfunction. If you’ve recently eaten a lot of confectionery or fatty products, they might become a cause of blackheads. Alcoholic drinks can also adversely affect your skin health. In such situation, you’ll have not only to buy all the necessary cosmetic products, but also absolutely change your food ration.


Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid

Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power LiquidHow to use 

Pre-clean the skin. Apply a small amount directly on the affected area of skin.

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I am the owner of sensitive skin prone to rosacea, rashes blackheads. Therefore, I always spend a very careful selection of products to care for my face. I always pay attention to the full list of ingredients. Thus, the product Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid had passed my thorough check and I got it. And I'm not sorry, because it gave exactly the result I was expecting for. First of all, I was attracted to the ingredient list of the product. It does not dry or irritate the skin it is no alcohol in its structure. At the same time it contains panthenol and hyaluronic acid, which protect and moisturize the skin. 

Soon, this serum has become a favorite among the products for face care. I use it every night, and I know that in the morning I wake up with more fresh and healthy skin. Surprisingly, it never dried up my skin, or did it tight or irritated. There is no itching and rashes. Within a few weeks comedones and black dots almost disappeared, pores cleansed and narrowed. The skin became lighter and smoother. Thanks to all these positive properties can safely recommend this product to anyone and everyone!


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Itʼs reasonable to include the following products into your daily ration:

  • Milk;
  • Fruits;
  • Fish and vegetables.

All these products contain a great number of valuable substances and vitamins, which contribute to natural regeneration of skin integument. The one more cause of blackheads appearance includes the usage of improperly selected cosmetics or the one of poor quality. Besides, hormonal changes can also provoke this unpleasant problem. Thus, you need to monitor your endocrine profile carefully.

Some cosmetic products cause allergic reactions on the facial skin that, in its turn, also contributes to blackheads appearance. Moreover, the role of stress shouldn’t be underestimated. The people, whichʼre under the influence of stress, simply forget about self-care. A person having an excessive sweating is more susceptible to blackheads appearance.

The blackheads on your face can also appear in case of unfavorable environmental conditions. They include high humidity, dustiness of atmosphere and a heat.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore CleansingApplying

Take the same amount of clay and apple cider vinegar or water. Mix all into a homogeneous mass. To do this, use a non-metallic bowl. Apply a thick layer on the skin or other problem area. If you are the owner of dry skin then hold the mask five - ten minutes. If you have normal skin, keep the mask for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and clay.

My review

I can confidently say that this product is not like any other product for the care of problem skin. I am 30 years old and I still suffer from the problem of acne on the face skin. They spoil my appearance and look terrible. And after them cystic acne appear. And they look even worse. I have experienced a lot of stress and acne has started popping up profusely on my chin. I no longer had any makeup to hide these rashes. I do not believe that I will find a tool that will give at least some positive results. But I found it. My choice fell on the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing. 

 Now I am very sorry that I did not know about this product sooner. This clay has become a magic bullet for me. At first I used it for four consecutive days, as she wanted to beat the existing rash. This clay has helped heal my face quickly. Acne on dry disappeared without a trace. At the moment I still have ultiple black dots on my face, but I hope that soon they will go away for good because I'm going to use this product on a regular basis further. I can easily recommend this product to give a chance and it did not disappoint you.


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How to remove blackheads domiciliary

The home treatment of blackheads means deep pores cleansing and their contraction. In order to carry out these procedures, the special cosmetic products are used. Nowadays, a market offers a wide range of various products meant for these purposes.  For instance there is such product as Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid.

The skin washing with a help of products containing alpha hydroxy (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) contributes to dissolution of fats in the skin pores. Currently, the one of the most popular methods is a vapor steam bath and manual blackheads squeezing. 

When carrying out similar procedures, you need to follow several simple rules:

  1. Fill a basin or a pot with boiling water. Then add some useful herbs, such as chamomile. After doing it, turn your face towards a basin or a pot and cover your head using a towel.
  1. The facial steaming should last for 10-15 minutes. In addition, there’s no need in too close contact of your face and a basin – you can protect your skin from burning injuries in such a way.
  1. Further, you can start squeezing the blackheads. Before carrying out this procedure you need to wash your hands properly and clean them using ethanol. Thus, you’ll prevent pathogenic bacteria contact with skin pores. 
  1. To avoid skin injury during a procedure you can wrap your fingers by means of cotton pads or facial tissues.
  1. After finishing a squeezing procedure, you need to clean your face using hydrogen peroxide or a cleansing lotion.

Further, you need to contract your skin pores. In order to do it, clean your face with a help of ice cubes. You should keep in mind that vapor steam baths should be used no more than once a week.

Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser

Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead CleanserApplication

Wet your face. Take a small amount and spread it evenly over the entire face. Thoroughly rinse with water.

My review

I bought this product with several other products from this manufacturer, since it was a very good deal. Price simply does not allow passing it through. In addition, I suffer from the problem of enlarged pores on my nose, chin and forehead. At the same time they are accompanied by acne and comedones, which leave with unpleasant scars behind. And I want to note that this cleanser really works and at the same time it works very fast.

The first time it is used, I was surprised how it warmed my hand. But I did not apply it to my face quickly and all the heat dissipated. But still the face feels comfortable and warm. I felt like this means penetrates deep into my skin. During the second use of the product, I acted quickly and strongly felt the warmth on my face. And after months of application of this cleaner, I noticed a visible improvement on my skin. Now I use it only on problem areas. Especially nice to use this tool on a cold winter morning, as it warms and gives a comfortable feeling. At the same time it is good cleans the skin and reduces inflammation from it. I recommend it to everyone!


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How to get rid of blackheads on a nose

The appearance of blackheads on a nose is a serious problem for many people. In fact, they hardly differ from the ones located on other facial areas; however, they’re more difficult to get rid of. If you use simple recommendations as for facial skin care, you’ll be able to forget about blackheads once and for all.  Also you can use Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser for this purpose.

  • Firstly, wash your hands carefully and then apply a peel-off cream to your face, massaging the skin for 2-3 minutes.
  • After carrying out this procedure, rinse your face properly. Further, apply a soft cleanser to your wet face.
  • Then you need to dry your skin.
  • After doing it, boil a small pot of water and put it on a towel, which should be prepared in advance.
  • Further, cover your head with a towel in order to prevent steam escape.
  • The given procedure will help you to open the pores.

You must steam your face for 15-20 minutes. Moreover, as itʼs been mentioned above, there’s no need in too close contact of your face and a basin with hot water. The favorable distance is equal to 6 inches. Then you need to have a closer look at your skin for finding blackheads on a nose, which you’re planning to remove. Wrap facial tissues around your index fingers and start squeezing. The facial tissues are necessary for protecting the delicate skin from scratch marks, which can be made by your nails.

  • To remove a blackhead place index fingers on each side of it.
  • Then you need to push down gently.
  • Try not to irritate the surrounding skin and don’t squeeze the skin area with a blackhead.
  • Remember that a pressure should have a downward direction.

These actions will tighten your skin, preparing a blackhead for coming out. When carrying out a squeezing, the pores should be constantly open. Certainly, for maintaining them in such state, you’ll have to make some efforts. To prevent the skin pores from closing you need to cover them with warm wet tissue from time to time and cleanse the treated area.

The given removal procedure should be carried out several times for complete blackheads removal.

When finishing a procedure, treat the squeezed skin areas with a help of antiseptic in order to prevent rising the infections. Some people use special instruments for blackheads removal.

The principle of special forceps operation is quite simple. Everything you need is to carry them to the area where the unwanted blackhead is located and push down. When doing it, you must feel some pressure but not a pain.

Besides, you need to open the pores with a help of the above-mentioned method before carrying out this procedure.

Effective tools against blackheads:

  • Cosrx Bha Blackhead Power Liquid - suitable for home using - removing liquid for enlarged pores, acne comedones and blackheads. The product is suitable for all skin types. Price - $ 17.38
  • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing- suitable for home using - clay for making masks against acne, oily skin, clogged pores and blackheads. Price - $10.50
  • Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser- suitable for home using - Warming cleaning agent to remove redness, cleansing pores and blackheads. Price - $7.49

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning is considered to be the most effective method for facial blackheads removal.

This procedure means blackheads removal with the cosmetologists’ help and is carried out at the specialized beauty salons in compliance of all the required rules. Due to such cleansing method, a maximal result can be achieved and, moreover, all the possible risks are significantly reduced. A cosmetologist carries out a procedure of blackheads squeezing in accordance with all the existing rules and follows the precaution measures. It helps to prevent contacting your treated skin with the infection.

Unfortunately, mechanical cleaning is far from a pleasant procedure. Many specialists don’t recommend domiciliary blackheads squeezing using special baths, because it can lead to awful facial inflammations.

In order to get rid of blackheads, you can use a wide range of facial scrubs, which are nowadays available for anyone who needs it. Some people prefer using the products meant for acne removal. However, itʼs better to consult a dermatologist before making such decisions. He’ll recommend you the most appropriate cosmetic product for getting rid of blackheads.

Currently, the usage of special blackhead removal strips has become widely practiced. A strip is placed against a nose and after finishing a procedure all blackheads should be left on it. This method is rather effective and that’s why itʼs becoming increasingly popular among our population. As you can see, there exist a lot of methods for facial blackheads removal and itʼs up to you to decide which one to use. If you want to forget about such facial skin defects for a long period of time, itʼs reasonable to visit the specialized beauty centers.

Nevertheless, don’t forget that cosmetological procedures are quite painful; but they say, beauty knows no pain. If you have no desire to spend your time for beauty salons, you can use home remedies and cosmetic products, which can be found in most specialized stores.

As it was mentioned above, vapor steam baths are ideal for opening the pores. They’re easy to prepare and produce a visible effect. The most important thing is to remember that you should wrap facial tissues or cotton pads around your fingers before blackheads removal. It’ll make it possible to protect a sensitive skin from visible injuries.

For closing the pores after carrying out a procedure, you can use ice cubes or special remedies meant for these purposes. Never ignore the usage of antiseptics during a cleansing process. They’ll protect you from pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, all the mentioned methods are highly effective and experience has proven that each of them contribute to long-lasting blackheads removal.

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